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Mobile Library Timetable

This is the timetable for the Mobile Library Service. 

Note: ELC is an Early Learning Centre

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Archersrath Nursing HomeBallyhale Creche, ELCBallyhale N.S.Bennettsbridge N.S.Bigwood
Brookhaven House, BallyraggetBusy Bees, Loughboy, ELCBusy Bees, Piltown, ELCCarrigeen Creche, ELCCarrigeen N.S.
Cheeky Monkeys ELC, Seville LawnsClara N.S.Clinstown N.S.Clontubrid N.S.Colaiste Cois Súire, Mooncoin

Coláiste Mhuire Johnstown

Conahy ELCConahy N.S.Coon N.S.Croia Early Childcare Education Ballyragget ELC
Crosspatrick Nursing HomeDanesfort Childcare ELCDanesfort N.S.Dunamaggin N.S.Fairy Folk Richview Kilkenny ELC
Galmoy N.S.Gathabawn N.S.Glenmore N.S.Goresbridge N.S.Gowran Montessori ELC
Happy Days Montessori Fiddown ELCHugginstownJohnstown N.S.Johnswell N.SKells
Kells Childcare ELCKilmacowKilmanagh N.S.KilmogannyKnocktopher
Lisdowney Montessori ELCLisdowney N.S.Little Sunshine, Ferrybank ELCLuffanyMoneenroe N.S.
MooncoinMuckalee Community Childcare ELC

Muckalee N.S.

MullinavatO’Gorman House, Ballyragget
OwningPaulstown N.S.Piltown N.S.Saplings, GoresbridgeSchool of the Holy Spirit
Scoil Aireagail, KnocktopherShanbogh N.S.Slieverue and SchoolSmarties Mullinvat ELCSt Patrick's Special School
Step by Step, Paulstown ELCTempleorum N.S.Tinnypark Nursing HomeTiny Tots, Parnagowan, ELC 
Tullaroan N.S.
Windgap N.S.

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Route 1Route 2Route 3Route 4Route 5
Route 6Route 7Route 8Route 9Route 10
Route 11Route 12Route 13Route 14

Route 15



Route 1 Tuesdays

September 6th

October 4th

November 8th

December 6th

January 24th

February 28th

March 28th


May 9th

June 6th


Fairy Folk, Richview, ELC

9.20 am to 9.55am

Croía, Ballyragget  ELC

10.20 am to 10.50am

Lisdowney Montessori ELC

11.00 am to 11.50am

Lisdowney N.S.

12.00 pm to 13.00 pm

O’Gorman House, Ballyragget

2.00 pm to 2.30pm

Brookhaven House, Ballyragget

2.35 pm to 3.05pm


3.15 pm to 3.30 pm


Route 2 Wednesdays

September 7th

October 5th

November 9th

December 7th

January 25th


March 1st; 29th

May 10th

June 7th


Tullaroan and School

9.30 am to 10.30am

Kilmanagh and School

10.45 am to 11.45pm

Windgap N.S.

1.20 pm to 2.40 pm


3.00pm to 3.40pm


3.50 pm to 4.05pm


Route 3 Thursdays

September 8th

October 6th

November 10th

December 8th

January 26th


March 2nd, 30th


May 11th

June 8th


Smarties Mullinavat ELC

9.45 am - 10.15 am

Bigwood and School

10.40 am to 11.50am


12.10 pm to 13.00pm


2.15 pm to 3.15pm


Route 4 Fridays

 September 9th

October 7th

November 11th

December 9th

January 27th


March 3rd, 31st


May 12th

June 9th


Danesfort N.S.

9.30am - 10.30am

Kells Childcare ELC

10.45am - 11.15am

Dunamaggin N.S.

11.30 am to 12.30pm

Tiny Tots, Parknagowan, ELC.

2.00 pm to 2.30 pm

Archersrath Nursing Home

2.45pm to 3.15pm


Route 5 Tuesdays


 September 13th

October 11th

November 15th

December 13th

January 31st


March 7th

April 18th

May 16th

Jane 13th


Ballyhale N.S.

9.30 am to 11.15am

Ballyhale Creche, ELC

11.20 am - 11.50 am

Scoil Aireagail, Knocktopher

12.00 pm - 12.30 pm


12.35 pm to 1.15 pm


2.20 pm - 3.00 pm


Route 6 Wednesdays


 September 14th

October 12th

November 16th

December 14th


February 1st

March 8th

April 19th

May 17th

June 14th


Templeorum N.S.

9.50 am to 10.50am

Busy Bees, ELC, Piltown

11.00 am to 11.20am

Happy Days Montessori Fiddown ELC

11.30am - 11.50am

Piltown N.S.

1.00pm to 2.30pm


2.50 pm to 3.50pm


Route 7 Thursdays

September 15th

October 13th

November 17th

December 15th


February 2nd

March 9th

April 20th

May 18th

June 15th


Little Sunshine, Ferrybank, ELC

10.00 am to 10.25am

Slieverue and School

10.50 am to 11.50am

Glenmore N.S.

12.10 am to 1.00pm

Shanbogh N.S.

1.10 pm to 2.00 pm


Route 8 Fridays

 September 16th

October 14th

November 18th

December 16th


February 3rd

March 10th

April 21st

May 19th

June 16th


Johnswell N.S.

9.30 am to 10.30am

Muckalee N.S.

10.55 am to 11.55am

Muckalee Community Childcare ELC

12.00 am to 12.25 pm

Busy Bees, Loughboy, ELC

1.00pm to 1.30pm


Route 9 Tuesdays

September 20th

October 18th

November 22nd


January 10th

February 7th

March 14th

April 25th

May 23rd

June 20th


Coláiste Mhuire Johnstown

9.45 am - 10.25 am

Johnstown and School

10.30 am to 12.20am

Galmoy N.S.

1.20 pm to 2.30 pm

Crosspatrick Nursing Home

2.45 pm to 3.15pm


Route 10 Wednesdays

September 21st

October 19th

November 23rd


January 11th

February 8th

March 15th

April 26th

May 24th

June 21st


Bennettsbridge N.S.

9.45 am to 11.00am

Paulstown N.S.

11.30 am to 12.45pm

Saplings, Goresbridge.

1.00 pm to 1.30 pm

Tinnypark Nursing Home

2.45 pm to 3.00pm

Cheeky Monkeys ELC, Seville Lawns

3.15 pm - 3.45 pm


Route 11 Thursdays

September 22nd

October 20th

November 24th


January 12th

February 9th

March 16th

April 27th

May 25th

June 22nd


Carrigeen Creche ELC

10.10 am to 10.40am

Carrigeen N.S.

10.40 am - 11.40 am


11.45 am to 12.10pm

Coláiste Mhuire Mooncoin

1.30pm - 2.00pm


2.10 pm - 4.00 pm


Route 12 Fridays

September 23rd

October 21st

November 25th


January 13th

February 10th


April 28th

May 26th

June 23rd


Conahy ELC

9.30 am - 9.50 am

Conahy N.S.

9.50 am - 10.25 am

Coon N.S.

10.50 am to 12.00 pm

Moneenroe N.S.

12.30 pm to 2.00pm


Route 13 Tuesdays

September 27th

October 25th

November 29th


January 17th

February 21st

March 21st


May 2nd, 30th

June 27th


Clara N.S.

9.30 am - 11.30am

Gowran Montessori ELC

11.45 am to 12.15 pm

St Patrick's Special School

1.50 pm - 2.20 pm

Danesfort Childcare ELC.

2.40 pm to 3.10pm


Route 14 Wednesdays

September 28th

October 26th

November 30th


January 18th

February 22nd

March 22nd


May 3rd ; 31st

June 28th


Step by Step Paulstown ELC.

9.45 am to 10.15am

Goresbridge N.S.

10.30 am to 12.10pm

School of the Holy Spirit.

12.45 pm to 1.45pm


Route 15 Thursdays

September 29th

October 27th


December 1st

January 19th

February 23rd

March 23rd


May 4th

June 1st, 29th


Gathabawn N.S.

09.45 am to 10.25am

Clontubrid N.S.

10.40 am - 11.30 am

Clinstown N.S.

12.00 pm - 13.15 pm