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Healthy Ireland 2021 programme

Healthy Ireland 2021 programme

 The following videos were shown as part of our Healthy Ireland at Your Library programme for 2021 and these videos are still available to watch.

 Support for parents and carers of adolescents with HSE Psychologist, Peadar Maxwell

Join Peader Maxwell, Senior Psychologist with HSE for a talk for parents and carers of adolescents. Peadar will discuss the importance of staying connected to your teenagers, building trust and setting boundaries. This is part of our Healthy Ireland at Your Library Series

 Coping with grief and  loss with Breffini McGuinness of the Irish Hospice Foundation

In this insightful talk, Breffini McGuiness answers some important questions, what is grief, how do you navigate the personal journey of grief and how can you support those who are grieving. The pandemic has heightened the challenges of loss and grief as at times we have not been able to support our loved ones as we once could.

 Support for parents & carers of young children with HSE Psychologist, Peadar Maxwell

Senior Psychologist with the HSE, Peadar Maxwell discusses some important issues for parents including screen-time, teaching children independence, dealing with emotions and the importance of sleep.

 Tips for successful homeworking with OT Owen Joyce

Owen Joyce a registered Occupational Therapist delivers a talk on “Tips for successful home working” including tips on routine, physical and mental health and ergonomics. Owen is a consultant Occupational Therapist with Original Therapies who specialise in improving their client’s quality of life through assessment, collaboration and practical advice.

 Raising resilient children with Dr Mary O’Kane

Dr. Mary O’Kane delivers a talk  on “Raising Resilient Children”. Dr O’Kane is a lecturer in Lecturer in Psychology and Early Childhood Education teaching with the Open University. In this talk she will outline 3 practical steps that parents and educators can take to help children become more resilient in dealing with life’s challenges.