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Book Presentation with Sergiy Adamenko - City Library

We invite you to a meeting in City Library, on Saturday 10th June at 11.30am, with an incredibly talented writer - Serhii Patryk Adamenko, who was born and grew up in Luhansk region, in the city of Khrustalnyi. At this meeting, he will present his book "The Heroes of Modernity", which he published in two languages - English and Ukrainian. In addition, the Ukrainian-language novels "The Flight of the Butterfly" and "The View of the Crow" will be presented. Mr. Adamenko moved with his family to Argentina back in 1999, and then in 2002 he began his education and work in Ireland. Recently, from November 2017 to February 2018, he was part of the 1st Assault Company of the DUK PS. Upon his return, Serhiy wrote a book about his brothers - "The Heroes of Modernity".