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Decluttering workshop - Loughboy Library

Monday 28/11/2022 11:00


Decluttering - How it can Bring You Happiness with Fiona Hall of Consciously Clearing  on Monday 28th Nov at 11am in Loughboy Library

I work with clients in their homes throughout Ireland helping them declutter, clear out the past and start living with less. Whilst the work involves a lot of physical effort, the decluttering process can also be quite cathartic emotionally. This workshop explores the many great benefits to our mental health from clearing out the past, refocusing our lives on what is truly important and provides practical advice and tips on how to successfully declutter.

Workshop is 45 mins with 15 min for questions so come armed with your queries/questions for Fiona

Fiona Hall is a psychotherapist and has an Instagram page consciously clearing Contact Loughboy Library on 056 7794176 or email for more information or to book.