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Civil War on trains

28/07/23 11:37


“Supported by the Department of Tourism,  Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Decade of Centenaries 2012-2023 initiative.”

In this podcast, Historian and Author, Eoin Swithin Walsh looks at trains were targeted  during the Civil War

'One of the most ingrained memories for people who lived through the Civil War period was the near constant disruption to the rail network. If we could go back in time and ask our parents or grandparents about their experience of the troubled times, perhaps surprisingly, trains might be near the top of the list. The main objective of this policy by the anti-Treaty IRA was to block the movement of Free State troops, while also to near bankrupt the new Free State at birth, as they would have to pay out compensation. But it also upset the lives of many ordinary people, as most goods were transported by train in an era prior to trucks. From Glenmore to Gowran, find out how the upheaval of the civil war on trains affected County Kilkenny. '

The-Civil-War-on-Trains.mp3 (size 22.6 MB)

Train derailed in Newrath by Anti-Treaty forces                                 Train derailed near Grange Station, Mooncoin by Anti-Treaty forces

   Train-derailed-by-anti-Treaty-forces-in-Newrath           Train-derailed-near-Grange-Station-Mooncoin       

            Train remains at Dunkitt                                                        Train remains at Rathcurby, Mooncoin

  Train-detrailed-by-anti-Treaty-IRA-at-Dunkitt,-Kilmacow      Train-reamains-at-Rathcurby-Mooncoin                                             

         Rail Network in Kilkenny in the 1920s