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Library Publications

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Library Policies

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You can access the Customer charter, Code of conduct and Complaints procedure etc. for the Library Service by clicking the link below

Customer Charter, Code of Conduct and Complaints procedure

You can access our Collection Development Policy at

Collection-Development-Policy-July-2018.pdf (size 235.8 KB)

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019.pdf (size 1.2 MB)

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Cultural Strategy, Arts, Heritage and Libraries, Irish, 2019-2022 .pdf (size 4.9 MB)

cultural-strategy-arts-heritage-and-libraries-text-and-appendices-english-2019-2022.pdf (size 12.7 MB)

Library Brochures

Library Service Brochure

Local Studies' brochure.pdf (size 373.2 KB)

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Library Animations/Videos

Library Animation Video

Library Promotional Video 

'Using Primary Sources for History Projects' with a focus on events in Kilkenny 1919-1923.

Online Sources for the Decade of Centenaries

Local Interest Publications

Kilkenny Carnegie Library

Bridges of Kilkenny

Kilkenny and the Great War

Kilkenny Men interned in Ballykinlar, 1920-21

The Kilkenny Jail Break 1921

Decade of Centenaries in Kilkenny