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Milk Churn Stand Survey - Heritage Week

28/07/23 11:19


Milk churn stands (aka creamery stands) played an important part in the rural economy until the early 1980s but are now often overlooked. How many are there? Where they are? And what state are they in?

 If you can answer any of these questions, you could contribute to a world-wide project to record County Kilkenny’s milk churn stands on OpenStreetMap and on Wikimedia. How?

 Download a Milk Churn Stand Survey Sheet from

  • Record information on the sheet about churn stands in your local area.
  • Return the survey to or to your local library, marked Milk Churn Survey c/o Library Headquarters.

Milk-churn-stand-survey_HeritageWeek.pdf (size 990 KB)

 In August Anne-Karoline Distel will facilitate ‘Recording Milk Churn Stands’ workshop in Castlecomer Library. Some of the completed Surveys will be used to demonstrate how to record local history on Wikimedia, and how to map milk churn stands on OpenStreetMap. 

More information on the Heritage Week Workshop: