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OWL: The Oral Words and Language Programme


OWL is an oral language programme we developed in 2021, which covered a range of topics to support parents, children and those working in the childcare profession, kindly funded by Dormant Accounts Funds.

2022 Programme

In 2022, we developed this programme further,  with particular emphasis on dyslexia.


We held a series of online sessions with our partners, The Reading Academy, whose online talks included: Diagnosis Dyslexia ; Your Child and Dyslexia; Paired Reading and How to practice memory words.

 Dr. Mary Roche visited us for a series of workshops in November which Looked at a range of activities that parents/caregivers can use to develop oral language and comprehension, Examined and explored how we might engage in reading picture books with young children, Discussed reading aloud strategies and different types of conversations that can be developed around reading, and Explored age-appropriate books for young children. 

Author and Illustrator Alan Nolan completed 4 drawing workshops online, using characters from his recent book. Click below to do some drawing with Alan!

Learn to draw a unicorn

Learn to draw a dinosaur

Learn to draw a puppy

Learn to draw a cat

Author Shane Casey read from his series of dyslexia friendly books. Click on the book below to enjoy the story.

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Winter Reading Challenge 


Our winter reading challenge was open to Post-primary school students and adults. This ran in each library, with a random draw held for all those that completed the challenge to read 4 books in November and December.

Zine Workshops with Antoinette McCarthy


What's a Zine you ask? A Zine is a small booklet, a way to share your thought using art, comics, collage, poems and stories! 
In these two-hour workshops, participants explored some ways to change the world and made a Zine to spread their ideas to others. A workshop full of chatting, gluing, photocopying, drawing and fun!

Edelle Nolan


Edelle developed a Wreath making literacy workshop, based  around Irish Gaelic folklore and Christmas traditions, The materials were collected locally -  pine cones, laurel, cypress and many other leaves and materials, e.g. Spanish chestnuts from Kilkenny Castle park.  

 Lego Literacy workshops with Sandra McAllister


Sandra treated children to some fun lego literacy workshops, where they had use letters to figure out the code to help them build different structures.

Musical Storytimes with Ann Moylan

Music Therapist Ann worked with school classes and members of the public, developing Musical storytelling workshops based on oral language principals, including using repetition and songs to encourage children with literacy difficulties to participate in the interactive event. 


We also developed Bookmarks with reading tips and  Recommended picture book guide, which can be downloaded and are also available through your local library.

2021 Programme

Speech-and-Language-Talks.pdf (size 794.9 KB)

Speech and Language with Melissa Lanigan

Behaviour and Language with Simone Coleman

Behaviour-and-Oral-Langauge.pdf (size 788.5 KB)

The Power of Reading with Neil Griffiths

The-Power-of-Reading.pdf (size 789.6 KB)