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Kilkenny County Council Minute Books 1910 -1926

Prior to 1898, local governance in Ireland consisted of a variety of bodies, Grand Juries, Boards of Guardians and a variety of Corporations, Urban Councils and Town Commissioners in urban areas. These were either nominated or elected on a very limited franchise.
County Councils were established in Ireland following the Local Government Act of 1898.


This allowed the development of a democratic system of local government.

As part of Kilkenny county Council Library ongoing programme to promote the Decade of Centenaries period in Kilkenny, access is now provided to the Minute Books of Kilkenny county Council covering this period.

The four digitised Minute Books cover the period 1910 - 1926, the period from Home Rule, the War of Independence and the Civil War. Against the background of these national developments, the roll-out of local services continued.

Explore the Minute Books at Kilkenny County Council Minute Books 1910 -1926


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