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Kilkenny - interesting facts and historical nuggets

'In the podcast, below,  we learn some fun facts and random historical stories about our beloved county. Why is Kilkenny called ‘Kilkenny’? Why is the cat associated with the county and learn why the deer could also be our official county animal. Why are we called the ‘Marble City’? Did you know the very first game of Gaelic football was played in Callan?! Its hard to believe it, but  at one stage hurling was banned in Kilkenny. The first non-American to win the US tennis Open was from Ballyragget, find out who she was. Did you know George Clooney and Walt Disney have Kilkenny blood running through their veins? Another famous son of our county is of the equine variety, find out which iconic racehorse was born in Kells, Co. Kilkenny.

All this and much more'

Kilkenny---interesting-facts-and-historical-nuggets.mp3 (size 16.8 MB)

Walt-Disney  Mabel    Horse